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The Omaha Press Club
“Say ‘I do’ with a View”

Call Christine today at 402-345-8008 to arrange a personal tour
and reserve your special date.

At the Omaha Press Club, featuring Villamonte’s Cuisine, we offer an experience unlike anywhere else. Whether you’re hosting a wedding reception, anniversary celebration, brunch, cocktail party, holiday gathering, press conference, or corporate meeting, our primary goal is to meet your personal needs and exceed your expectations.

As the restaurant manager, Christine Villamonte personally works every wedding reception because she knows how important that special day is to the bride and groom.

From firsthand experience working as a wedding caterer throughout the metropolitan for the past 17 years, Christine knows the Omaha Press Club is one of the premier wedding venues in Nebraska.

The Villamontes personally held their own wedding reception at the club and experienced a reception that had great food, service, and ambiance.

Christine L. Villamonte
Restaurant Manager
Omaha Press Club

Rental Options

Enjoy stunning views of the Omaha metro, either by day or night.

As an Omaha Press Club member, your room rental is always complimentary. For more information on joining the club, check out our Membership options. Membership must be in place prior to event planning to take advantage of the free rental perk.

A catered food order must accompany the rental of any space in the Omaha Press Club, with the exception of press conferences. Tables, china, flatware, and glassware are included in the rental. A coat closet, including hangers, is available for use as well. For events including more than 100 guests, a security guard is required and will be arranged by the club for a cost of $30/hour. Rental fees are reduced by 50 percent for Monday through Thursday events.

Entire Omaha Press Club (180 guest minimum):
Seated dining (up to 250 guests)
Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres (up to 300 guests)
Cost is $1,300 for up to five hours.
Sound equipment is available and is included in the rental.

Majority of the club, except Spiro Agnew Oak Room (150 guest minimum):
Seated dining (up to 220 guests)
Cost is $1,200 for up to five hours.
Sound equipment is available and is included in the rental.

Spiro Agnew Oak Room only (in southern portion of the OPC, adjacent to the bar):
Can host up to 45 individuals
Cost is $250 for up to five hours.

Lauritzen West Room:
Our most popular press conference location, with seating available for up to 30 people. Includes views to the north of the building.
Audiovisual equipment and computer hookup is included in the rental.
Cost is $300 for up to five hours.

Lauritzen East Room:
Slightly larger than the Lauritzen West Room, seating is available for up to 48 people.
Includes views to the north and east.
Sound equipment is available and is included in the rental.
Cost is $350 for up to five hours.

Full Lauritzen Room:
A partition between the Lauritzen West and East Rooms can be removed for larger parties.
Up to 80 individuals can be seated in the area.
Audiovisual equipment and computer hookup is included as part of the rental.
Cost is $600 for up to five hours.

Your rental fee includes one hour of event planning with Omaha Press Club staff. If additional coordination is requested, it is available at $25 per hour.

Additional Rentals:
For an additional fee, we can coordinate the following items for your event:
• Table centerpieces
• Dance floor
• Risers
• Flameless votive candles
• Linens

Please let us know if this is something you are interested in arranging.

Hosted parking is available in the Doubletree Hotel Garage. Inquire for current hosted parking prices.

Guests are also able to self-pay at the Central City Parking Garage (garage just west of the FNBO building) or utilize on-street metered parking.

While the view at the Omaha Press Club is stunning, you may also customize the space for your individual needs. When delivering decorations, all climate-sensitive items should arrive within appropriate time parameters, as we unfortunately do not have space to refrigerate them. Decorators should arrive with their needed supplies, such as extension cords, scissors and tape, and should bring appropriate assistance to unload. Our staff will be tied up making sure your event goes smoothly in the hours leading up to your guests’ arrival.

We do request that pictures are not removed from the walls and that decorations are not hung or placed over the walls and existing displays. Open flames are not permitted due to fire code and we do not allow confetti/glitter. All decorations should be taken from the club after your event unless prior arrangements are made.

The Omaha Press Club offers a wide variety of food selections and service styles, including full-service meals, buffets, receptions, and deliveries. Hors d’oeuvres, lunch, dinner, buffet, and breakfast menus are available.

Catering orders can be placed between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday by calling 402-345-8008. To guarantee your preferred selection, please place orders 48 hours in advance. Appointments also are available to discuss your needs and selections. We are happy to customize a special theme or occasion if you do not see what you are looking for on our standard menu offerings.

All alcohol must be purchased through the Omaha Press Club. Bar service can be arranged in two ways: hosted or cash. A hosted bar will be billed to the host on a per-drink basis and includes service charges and tax. Cash bar allows guests to pay for their drinks as they are ordered; tax is included in the price. If wine/champagne is purchased by the case, a 10 percent discount is available.

We require that all liquor purchased at the club be consumed on the premises; no food or drink is allowed outside the main entrance.

Reserving Your Event
To book your event space and date, a non-refundable $300 room deposit will guarantee your reservation. If your event will be held on a holiday or a day and/or time when the club is otherwise closed, the required deposit is $500. The deposit will be credited to your account on the day of the event and will be used toward your final bill.

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