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Message from The Executive Director


The Press Club is currently closed for our annual summer break. This year, we’re closed the entire month of August (when the annual club closing normally includes the last week of July and part of August).

We will re-open on Tuesday, Sept. 1. At that time, club hours will follow our regular lunch schedule, and we’ll be open for evening dining when we have sufficient reservations. Please contact Christine at or call 402-345-8008 if you are looking to reserve an event at the club — we have space available daytime and evenings starting in September. She will also plan dinners for anyone who wants an evening event with 10 or more guests. She’ll be checking her messages during the club closure, so reach out now!

As of Sept. 1, the regular lunch menu will be available in the restaurant, and the Express menu in the First National Bank building and tower for pick-up or delivery. We make deliveries to the guard stations in both buildings every half-hour (11:30 a.m. / Noon / 12:30 / 1 p.m. / 1:30 p.m/ 2 p.m. and Fridays from 4-6 p.m.) We will also have our Family Meals menu for curbside pick-up. These meals must be ordered on the website at least 24 hours in advance, and these can be picked up from the 10-minute parking on Dodge Street (near the entrance to the DoubleTree Hotel) at the top of each hour (11 a.m., Noon, 1 p.m. and 2 p.m.).

For our Takeout, Delivery, or Curbside online ordering:  or log on to our website:


We recently learned that First National Bank will not have tenants or employees back in the building until January 2021. This makes the Press Club one of the safest facilities to dine in anywhere in the state.

The Omaha Press Club restaurant is unique in comparison to many other facilities. We require reservations and can accommodate social distancing with ease due to the layout of the restaurant. This is a value for dining out with regards to your health and safety.

Even if you are not taking advantage of our dine-in or takeout opportunities, we appreciate you continuing to support the club by paying your dues. Due to the type of club we are, we have not been eligible for the government’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) programs that many Omaha restaurants have taken advantage of. Therefore, our dues revenue is especially vital to our survival during these difficult times. We want to be here for you in 2021 to celebrate our 50th anniversary of the club … and we need your help to do so.

We’ll continue to come up with innovative ways to serve our members in the meantime. For example, on Friday, July 31, the club offered a “Fried Chicken Friday” curbside pickup. The meal was extremely popular, and we received comments from multiple customers who said they would like us to do this event again. Board members were involved in the planning and even helped with order pickup. The plan is to continue to offer this again — including different entrées, like our popular prime rib — and grow the takeout demand. This is a great way to support the club in addition to dining in.

Here’s a reminder of the safety guidelines in place when the club re-opens Sept. 1:

For public safety, the Press Club door will be propped open during business hours.


Sanitizer stations will be set up near each restroom.


FNBO is mandating that all employees were face masks in common areas, (lobbies, hallways, elevators). This will also be the rule for members coming to the Press Club while in the common areas.


Our goal is precautions for all, as we continue to serve our membership, FNB employees ,and tenants.


The club is currently operating in Phase III of the governor’s directed health measures. Bars and restaurants are able to operate at 100 percent capacity. Eight people can sit at a table. Salad bars and buffets are still prohibited.

To contact me best during this time:

Thank you and see you at the club (in September!),

Steve L Villamonte Sr. CEC, BS
Executive Director
Omaha Press Club

Omaha Press Club Mission Statement

To promote excellence in communications and media professions through fellowship, education and advocacy of freedom of information.

Become a Member

Membership to the Omaha Press Club is not limited just to the media. Membership is open to everyone. Our dues are among the lowest in the country for a private city club. We have much to offer for your membership including regular events, reciprocal club use, an executive chef providing fine or casual dining, free parking, free rooms for your private events and press conferences. You can become a member by simply filling out and submitting an application to the business office. You can have your membership billed to you on a monthly or annual basis.

Membership Info

OPC Hours                 Parking Details

Lunch: 11:30am-2:00pm Monday-Friday
Dinner: 5:30pm-close Thursday-Saturday
Happy Hour: 4pm-6pm Tuesday-Saturday

Upcoming Omaha Press Club Events


Othello Meadows Face on the Barroom Floor Postponed
Thursday, April 16: Noon Forum: Second Congressional District Debate Postponed
Saturday, April 18: OPC First Amendment Night   Postponed
Friday, April 24: OPC Foundation Scholarship Awards Dinner Postponed
Saturday, June 6: OPC Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

There’s always something going on at the Omaha Press Club.


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The Omaha Press Club Face on the Barroom Floor honors newsmakers who have had an impact on the community.
The caricatures are drawn by artist Jim Horan who worked for the Omaha World-Herald when he began drawing the Faces in 1971.

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