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Journalists of Excellence Hall Of Fame

5:30pm June 3, 2017

Each year, journalists who have made notable contributions to Omaha-area journalism are inducted into the Journalists of Excellence Hall of Fame. This event is open to the public, guests of the honorees, and any friends or family that wish to attend this great event.

Omaha Press Club HOF 2017 ImagesThe Omaha Press Club Hall of Fame 2017 honorees (or their representatives) will gather at 5:30pm, June 3 for drinks, dinner and the official induction ceremony. We are proud to honor:

Judy Horan, WOWT, Freelance Writer
C. David Kotok, Omaha World-Herald
Patricia J. Matson, ABC, Inc; Ford and Nixon White Houses
Sibyl Myers, Omaha World-Herald
Bud Pagel, NU School Journalism
Dave Webber, KFAB, KMTV, WOWT

2016 Honorees

Jim Flowers, KETV, WOWT, KMTV
Frank Partsch, Omaha World-Herald
John Prescott, KMTV, KHAS-TV, WOWT, Union Pacific, STRATCOM
Jim Roberts, KMTV (1928-1967)
Marguerita Washington, Ph.D., The Omaha Star (1936-2016)
Dr. Eileen Wirth, Creighton University, Omaha World-Herald
Watch the 2016 ceremony on YouTube

2015 Honorees

Rev. Don Doll, S.J., Creighton University
Bob Hoig, Midlands Business Journal
Steve Jordon, Omaha World-Herald
John (Jack) McBride, NETV
Arnold Peterson, WOW Radio and TV
Chuck Roberts, KMTV, CNN Headline News
Gary Sadlemyer, KFAB

2014 Honorees

Robert Dorr, Omaha World-Herald
Carl Keith, Omaha World-Herald
Joe McCartney, WOW Radio-TV, UNO, Union Pacific
Rob McCartney, KETV
Mary McGrath, Omaha World-Herald

2013 Honorees

David A. Haberman, Creighton University
Michael Kelly, Omaha World-Herald
Joe Patrick, KFAB, WOW, KMTV, KETV
Ann Pedersen, WOWT, WCCO-TV
Carol Schrader, KETV, KFAB, NET

2012 Honorees

Rudolph Smith, Omaha World-Herald
Rose Ann Shannon, KETV/KMTV
Phil Johnson, Omaha World-Herald
Barc Wade, AAA Home & Away Magazine
Hugh P. Cowdin, Ph.D., University of Nebraska at Omaha
Robert McMorris, Omaha World-Herald

2011 Honorees

Ninette Beaver, KMTV
John Gottschalk, Omaha World-Herald
Gary Kerr, WOWT
Rev. Leland E. “Lee” Lubbers, S.J., SCOLA, Creighton University
Lee Terry Sr., KETV, WOW-TV

2010 Honorees

Dave Hamer, KETV, KMTV, WOWT
John Hlavacek, United Press, NBC, KMTV
Deanna Sands, Omaha World-Herald
Dottie Hayes Sater, WOW-TV and WOW Radio

2009 Honorees

Harold W. Andersen, Omaha World-Herald
John Clark (1948-2007), KMTV
Mark O. Gautier Jr. (1930-1998), KMTV
James M. McGaffin Jr. (1921-1985), WOW-TV and Radio
Jack Payne, WOW-TV/Radio, KFAB
Howard Silber, Omaha World-Herald

2008 Honorees

Omaha Sun Newspapers: Warren Buffett, Stanford Lipsey, Paul N. Williams.
Mildred Brown, The Omaha Star
Lyell Bremser, “Voice of the Huskers” KFAB and KOIL
Earle “Buddy” Bunker, Omaha World-Herald
Ray Clark, WOW-TV
Henry Doorly, Omaha World-Herald
Sen. Gilbert M. Hitchcock, Omaha Daily World, Omaha World-Herald.
Floyd Kalber, KMTV, NBC-TV Today Show
Ed May Sr. KMTV, May Broadcasting Co.
Steve Murphy, WOW-TV
Harvey Newbranch, Omaha World-Herald
John Savage, Omaha World-Herald
Rev. Roswell Williams, S.J., Creighton University